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Stage 3 Shoalhaven Basketball Tournament at the new Shoalhaven Sports Centre!

Last Friday, 31 students from Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6) attended a basketball tournament at the new Shoalhaven Indoor Sports Centre in Bomaderry. The day began early with a welcome from organiser (and NCS parent) Shane McMillan. About 8 schools from the area were represented.

The games were hotly contested and great skills were evident throughout the day. NCS's Girls Team 2 recorded 2 impressive wins, with Keonie A a standout, scoring freely in most matches. Our Girls Team 1 had 1 win and were close in some other matches. Maddie C scored crucial points in their matches. Injuries to key players meant they were out of contention for a finals spot before their last match, but they played on undeterred giving their best efforts throughout.

The 3 boys teams found the going tough too. Up against other teams with representative level players, it was always going to be a tough assignment and so it proved. We didn't quite manage to win our games, but played with energy, enthusiasm, team work and good humour. Points were scored by our boys in most matches and there was definite improvement after 3 or 4 games compared to at the beginning. Joel H ran hard throughout every match for his team mates in Boys Team 3. Jonathan M scored important points to keep Boys Team 1 in touch on the scoreboard. Kent E scored some of Boys Team 2's points to raise morale among his team mates.

Plenty of excellent sporting behaviour was on display throughout - handshakes and pats on backs to finish games. Lots of students from other schools knew one another from various activities, so that made the day much more enjoyable and interesting.

NCS's teams finished by munching on refreshing ice blocks.

Thanks to all our parents /carers who attended.

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