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Year 10 visit Sydney Jewish Museum

Year 10 had an emotional day out in Sydney learning about the Holocaust at the Sydney Jewish Museum and homelessness at the Big Issue. Both of these venues provided interesting and thought-provoking material for the students to deepen their studies of History and Geography. The students were a credit to our school, listening well, showing respect and demonstrating a depth of compassion and empathy! "It was a hard and long day out, but it was valuable because we learnt about problems with homelessness in the Shoalhaven and how it doesn't discrimate - it can affect anyone. I especially found the Jewish Museum challenging because it was hard to see what happened in the Holocaust and how many children were murdered. Hearing from Yvonne (a Holocaust survivor) was really special, as this was such a personal and emotional story for her to share with strangers. It was amazing to see that she could share her story over and over again to educate people to prevent this type of thing happening again." - Charlotte "It was difficult to accept that someone like Yvonne was put through such a horrible experience, and I guess when we went to the big issue it challenged me to link the two things together. The holocaust was a huge event in history, but similar levels of pain and isolation are still around and we have a role to play in acknowledging this." - Nic

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