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Year 8 gets creative op shopping

Last Tuesday morning, during their double period, Year 8 Technology class went to Salvation Army Depot in South Nowra. They were there to source materials and fabrics for the textiles project that they are designing and making.

The class had previously watched videos about the problem that “fast fashion” creates with tonnes of clothes being put into landfill.

Instead of adding to the landfill, the projects they are designing will be made from repurposed fabric. They had a great time looking through the racks and racks of second hand clothes, fabrics and bedding to find the right colour and fabric type for their project.

The workers at the Depot were excited to hear about what the class was doing and asked that they get to see the finished products. Watch this space for photos of what these creative young people make from their purchases. Thank you to Mrs Clifton and Mr Hefferan for being our drivers.

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