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Study Skills Day

On Monday, last week, Years 10 and 11 went on an incursion and spent the day learning about various aspects to HSC life.

In the first 2 periods we had a devotion, given by Mr Bray, before Mrs Meek spoke to us about fixed and growth mindsets.

After recess we were given booklets and Mrs Dallimore spoke to us about the rules and regulations in the HSC and Preliminary courses and our responsibilities as students at Nowra Christian School.

During period 4, Mrs Hetherington taught us about Harvard Referencing and how to avoid accidental plagiarism.

Following a much enjoyed pizza lunch (provided by the school), we had 2 seminars presented by Elevate. One of the seminars was on Time Management and its importance in senior school, and the other was on the psychology approach to the HSC. Both were down to the point and very thorough in their explanations and advice. The Elevate seminars were highly engaging because of the young presenter who was an entertaining and relatable person. These seminars were the highlight of the day.

The day was enjoyed by everyone who attended and was a great way to start our Senior year together, as we were able to bond before our formal studies commenced. Year 10 found the day extra helpful as this is our first year doing the HSC. For us, the Elevate seminars were incredibly useful because they taught us about valuable study methods that will help us in our HSC.

We also found the overall day a good way of introducing us to the reality of Senior school and what we can expect in the coming months.

By Elizabeth Curline and Lachlan White

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