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Stage 4 Ancient and Medieval History Workshop

Stiletto daggers, scimitars and swords were the weapons students in Stage 4 were able to “play with” on Tuesday during their Ancient and Medieval History Workshop.

James Adams Historical Enterprises shared his historical expertise, knowledge and vast collections of reconstruction weaponry and armour with Stage 4 students at NCS. We explored weaponry and tactics of the ancient Greek phalanx. Leo McMillan and Tom Bush dressed as hoplites and demonstrated the workings of the phalanx in narrow valleys that won victory for Alexander the Great.

Mr Adams then demonstrated the development of armour and weaponry from the age of Vikings through to the Renaissance. Students examined metallurgy, swords and helmets. We further investigated castle defensive strategies, siege warfare, crime and punishment of medieval European and Arabic societies.

Students had the experience of wearing chain, helmets, armour, shields and they handled unusual weapons. Mr Adams closed the demonstration with unique examples of a Chinese crossbow, longbow, very early guns and a ballista. The interactive learning from Mrs West’s history lessons this year were reinforced with experiential learning.

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