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Stage 3 Zoo to You Incursion

In Science this term, Stage 3 are learning about how animals adapt to their environments. So, as part of our learning about animals, we got to meet some.

On Wednesday 31 May we had a ‘Zoo to You’ incursion in the church hall. Everyone was excited. All of Stage 3 met some amazing native Australian animals.

Zoe from the Shoalhaven Zoo shared the animals with us as well as some amazing facts. Caitie and Matt M were chosen to hold the bearded dragons and came around to let us pat them.

Next we met a cute little ringtail possum. It had huge eyes with a long tail that curled up. Sarah came and held it in a little blanket to keep it warm.

Then came a rather spiky echidna. Zoe kept hold of the echidna because of its spikes, but she told us that if we were to hold an echidna that we would hold it on its soft belly.

Not knowing what the next animal was, Cody and Thomas volunteered. It was a carpet python which is a long green snake. Everyone patted the snake as we had shivers down our spines.

Next we saw a wallaroo. It is a cross between a kangaroo and a wallaby, but they are their own species. Abi W came around with the cute little thing wrapped in a blanket.

After the whole experience we have learnt so much about how animals adapt to the environment around them.

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