A note from Mr Bray - 26 June, 2020

‘He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’ Micah 6:8 (NIV) Term 2 at NCS came to a conclusion today (Friday, 26 June) and I have little doubt that it will be a term that all members of our school community will remember for years to come! During the past nine weeks, we have all been taken on a ‘journey’ that we certainly would never have contemplated when the 2020 school year began. As you would be fully aware, Term 2 commenced with an online educational delivery model having already been put in place as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Consequently, the vast majority of NCS

Year 4 get creative with fruit

This week, Mrs Burge's Year 4 class drew pictures of objects that they then recreated using fruit. Here are some of their amazing creations!

Stage 3 Get Early Taste of NAIDOC Week

This week, some Stage 3 students from 5P got to mark NAIDOC Week 2020 early. Students learnt about some of the native fruits and herbs from around Australia, before cooking with them. They used fresh finger limes, Davidson's plum jam and Lilli Pilli Conserve to garnish the lemon myrtle pancakes that they made and cooked in their small groups. Everyone involved agreed they loved the taste and texture of the finger limes. Many of the students liked the Lilli Pilli Conserve, which tastes similar to apple and cinnamon. Some also liked the tart, sour taste of the Davidson's plum jam, a rainforest fruit from the tropics of far north Queensland. The pungent smell and subtle citrus flavour of the le

NAIDOC Week in the Food Tech Room

This week Stage 5 Food Technology modified recipes to include traditional bush tucker ingredients. The students have enjoyed learning about Aboriginal Australian food this term. No widgety grubs were harmed in the process, but they did incorporate some traditional bush flavours into their cooking.

End of Term Update - Wednesday 24 June

Dear Parents/Carers, As I am writing this letter, there are two days of Term 2 still remaining before your children commence a three week holiday break. (Of course, all staff will participate in our one week July Staff Conference during the third week of the break.) And what an amazing term it has been! In fact, the 2020 year thus far has seen our school community (and our entire global community) navigating our way through what can only be described as extraordinary times. From the outset, I would wish to take this opportunity to commend every member of our school community – students, parents/carers and staff – for the wonderful way in which you have responded in a spirit of partnership to

Mechanics in the making...

This term Stage One students have been busy learning about the History of Transport, investigating how vehicles have changed over time. Cars are now faster and much more comfortable than those from the olden days. We wanted the chance to share what we already know about cars and how their motors work. First, we talked about the names of different engine parts. Then we drew what we THOUGHT we might see under the bonnet. We invited Mr Hefferan and Mr Tasker to be our visiting mechanical experts…. They showed us what a car engine looks like and explained how the different parts worked together. They did a great job, answering tricky questions and helping us become mechanics in the making. Afte

Focus on Food Tech

It has been so great to get back into the classroom and cook together with all my friends! Lately in Food Tech, we have been cooking scrumptious meals such as: Bush tucker Fennel and finger lime salad Damper Cornish pasties Aussie 1950s food - Jelly cakes Apart from this, we have been learning so much. We have learnt plating techniques, food photographing skills, what Indigenous people eat and how to be sparing with rations that the early Europeans would've eaten when they came to Australia. We have also compared the diets of early Europeans to our Indigenous people. I never thought that learning about nutrition, tasting different flavours and gaining confidence in cooking could be so much

Space Day: out of this world!

In week 6, Year 7 participated in a mini Space Day incursion. This was a great opportunity for the students to participate in a range of cross-curricula activities. Mr Clarke demonstrated how maths and engineering are vital when preparing rockets for launching. He also showed us how to launch a rocket into the ground, oops! Mrs Hetherington took us back through history to the times of ancient astronomers who used astrolabs to tell the time and mark the position of the stars (all whilst wearing an excellent costume). And then it was Mrs Arthur's turn to take us to space as we decided which foods would be suitable for space travel. The day was completed with a taste test of a range of re-hydra

A note from Mr Bray - 12 June, 2020

‘Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.’ 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV) When I wrote my last NCS Bytes article, we had just completed our first week with all students from K-12 having returned to school to engage in on-site teacher directed lessons. I am pleased to say that, after two further weeks, we appear to have settled back into a well organised school routine. Certainly, as I have moved around our school site this week, I have been able to visit numerous classrooms where students and teachers have been actively engaged in productive learning programs. It was also wonderful to be able to hear the sounds of excited young voices in the school grounds during recess and lunchtimes as st

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