Year 10 visit Sydney Jewish Museum

Year 10 had an emotional day out in Sydney learning about the Holocaust at the Sydney Jewish Museum and homelessness at the Big Issue. Both of these venues provided interesting and thought-provoking material for the students to deepen their studies of History and Geography. The students were a credit to our school, listening well, showing respect and demonstrating a depth of compassion and empathy! "It was a hard and long day out, but it was valuable because we learnt about problems with homelessness in the Shoalhaven and how it doesn't discrimate - it can affect anyone. I especially found the Jewish Museum challenging because it was hard to see what happened in the Holocaust and how many c

The significance of Winter Soltice

Focus Verse: Colossians 3: 2 (NIV) ‘Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.’ I am not sure if you are like me and have certain times in the year that have special significance for you? These usually include birthdays and other anniversaries, important events such as Easter and Christmas and perhaps even the Grand Final date for your favourite code of football. One day that always holds special symbolic significance for me occurred during this past fortnight. I wonder if you already know what I am referring to? Yes, it occurred on 21 June and is known as the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year. I always remind myself that this is a sign that our journey towards warm

Aeronautical Velocity Challenge - National Competition

At AVC this year I was on the rocket team for the first time, with no idea how they worked. I learnt how to make the bottle rockets amongst an experienced and friendly team. They taught me all the processes and I learnt a lot. We all had a productive role on the day: Isabelle was the fin, Hailey was the bottle attacher and the decorator was Courtney who was also the leader and fin cutter, while I measured and drew the fins. The best thing for me, competing there with other schools, was that when something did not work quite as planned we learnt quickly what had gone wrong and acted straight away. The AVC Rocket Team consisted of: Jonathan Walsh, Isabelle McPhail, Hailey Frew & Courtney Niels

A day of environmental inspiration

Eight students from Years 7, 9 and 10 were invited to participate in the inaugural Landcare Interactive day last Friday. This was a great day of inspiration for these environmentally-minded students. The students had the chance to hear from a range of environmental experts and network with like-minded students from other schools in the area. We heard about the waste audit and changes to the rubbish collection system that Nowra Anglican College have made, and the way Bomaderry High School students are dealing with plastic pollution at local beaches. The students also had a great time making their own Sugar Glider nest boxes and bees-wax wraps to take home. They are already thinking about

Sydney Conservatorium of Music 'Great Southern Tour'

On Monday, 25 June,we were privileged to be visited by a Brass Quintet from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The Brass Quintet was made up of second year university students who played trumpet, tuba, trombone and french horn. They are traveling around to different schools on the south coast of NSW. We were also blessed to have a very talented singer perform a few songs too, all in different languages (English, German, French, Italian and Czechoslovakian). This memorable privilege came with opportunities for some pupils to have a go at playing the instruments, and to enjoy a short coaching on how to use your full potential in singing. Having had a wonderful time listening to pieces l

Global Student Leadership Summit

On Monday, 18 June, a group of NCS students, Rachael Curline, Joey Ellery, Olivia Condon, Aaron Tasker, Sam Chittick and myself travelled to Cedars Christian College to attend a Global Student Leadership Summit. Upon arrival we were divided into 6 groups with students from Cedars and Southern Highlands Christian School. In our groups we discussed what a leader was and what it meant to be a leader. We watched a series of inspirational videos teaching us about other people’s experiences with God and how they became the leaders they are today. We, as students, were encouraged and inspired to be proximal leaders to and for everyone around us. Emily Frith Year 10

Career and Study Pathways in the Shoalhaven

Image: Courtesy of The South Coast Register, for more images visit As Stage 6 Subject Selections rapidly approach and university early admission programs begin to open, many of our students are faced with the ‘I don’t know what to do when I leave school?’ dilemma. Fortunately, the Shoalhaven Careers Advisers Network (SCAN) in collaboration with many other local businesses, predict this problem year after year and organise two events to help students plan for their futures. The annual Taste of TAFE was held on Wednesday, 20 June at the beautiful Bomaderry TAFE campus. All Year 10 students were given t

Stars of the Eisteddfod

Each year just a few performers from the Shoalhaven Eisteddfod are invited to perform in the popular "Stars of the Eisteddfod" concert. This year two of our groups were invited to take part. Last Saturday these dedicated young performers donned uniforms or costumes on a Saturday afternoon to represent our school. And they did this admirably. Our Primary Concert Band performed two pieces, led by the lovely Mrs Amanda Lawrence. They performed well on a large stage to a large audience. Our second group provided a Secondary Drama presentation. Alex Astill, Ethan Bates, Imika Bramble, Emily Frith and Micah Perry entertained with an extract from the very funny Oscar Wilde play "The Importance of B

Year 6 students get a 'taste' of Year 7

Last Friday, 8 June, Year 6 began their day with a bang… at the Year 7 'Taste 'N' See' Experience Day! We still have many months before we officially become high-schoolers, but Friday was an exception. Our grade split into three equal groups, and we spent our day as Year 7s. We got to know some of the students who will be at NCS for high school next year, and we had an amazing time. We experienced some of the classes, namely; Music, English, and Art. Music was really enjoyable, led by Mr West. In his class we all combined to create an ‘emotional orchestra’! After that, we got to show off our skills (or our not-so-skillfulness) on the keyboard! We asked some questions about music in Year 7, a

Why do children enjoy dress-ups?

You were be made new in the attitudes of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God...Ephesians 4: 22-24 Why do children enjoy dress-ups? Well, it is easier to imagine being Batman when you look like him! Children often dress up as who they would like to be when they grow up. It is a kind of practice for the real thing. Early this Term, I was privileged to visit a Year 1-2 class. During my visit, students were asked to discuss the question, ‘Are manners taught at home or school?’ This discussion was part of an ABC News investigation. An ABC journalist was present to talk with the children and listen to their points of view. In my discussions with the journalis

Year 10's Navy 'Quicklook'

A group of selected Year 10 students headed out to HMAS Albatross on Thursday, 7 June for a fantastic day. 'Quicklook' is a chance to get a look at Navy aviation, with the goal of encouraging students to consider a career in this expanding and challenging field. Under the guidance of Leading Seaman Jan Gilmour, and with Mr Petts in tow, our first visit was to the Seahawk Training Squadron 725 for a look at how Navy trains its sailors to maintain the helicopter. Lieutenant Ian Donovan showed us around, and we got to see how weapons are fitted to the aircraft as well. We then went across to 816 Squadron to learn how the aircraft is used by the Navy to conduct intelligence gathering, search a

Mini CRU Kindness Ninjas

On Friday of week 6 around 60 of our K-2 students turned into 'Kindness Ninjas' at lunch time for our first ever Mini CRU. CRU is a lunchtime group which runs in over 180 schools across NSW and the ACT and is supported by Crusaders. In our CRU lunchtime groups we learn about God, pray, play games and generally enjoy spending our lunchtimes with other people who want to do this too. Our normal CRU meetings are for Years 3-6 but this time we thought we would run one especially for the younger students in our school. It was so much fun! Why 'Kindness Ninjas'? Our passage was Matthew 6:1-4 which talks about being kind to others because we love God and not because we will be praised for our w

CSSA Primary Cross Country 2018

On Friday, 1 June, several students represented NCS Primary at the State Cross Country. The event, held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre, is a challenging race. Around 200 students compete in each race with the top ten students making it to the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) Carnival. This year, Emily McLaren and Joel Harlor (both 5th place) along with Noah Tasker (8th) qualified for the CIS event. Hamish McLaren (35), Ethan Leembruggen (44) and Caleb McLennan (45) all put in an excellent top 50 performance. Congratulations also to Layla Miles, Tayla Gardner, Adele Graham, Chloe Cochrane, Hayley Edwards, Millie White, Choe Guy, Jairus Drury, James Mundey, Joshua Cash, Kent E

Wrapping up an incredible fortnight!

‘You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them: for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God….’ Exodus 20: 3-5(a). (NIV) It is hard to imagine that, as you are reading this edition of the Bytes, the school year has now moved into the month of June! You may well be wondering how we could possibly already be nearing this halfway stage when, seemingly just a few short months ago, we were settling back into a new year at NCS! Certainly our past fortnight has contained an incredible variety of activities that have provided your

Primary Metro Cup

Metro Cup Netball On Monday, 21 May, 22 students travelled to Bowral to represent our school playing netball. We had a fantastic day. The seniors put in a great effort and worked very hard as a team. Our stage 3 students showed good Christian character and sportsmanship. They came in 5th over all. The Juniors were outstanding in how they cared for each other as a team and shared the ball. They had a draw for their first game and they won 7-0 in their second game. They came in fourth over all. We loved sharing the bus with the soccer boys on the way there. Four soccer captains prayed for our day before we set off. We are grateful to God for such a wonderful day out playing sport. by Mrs B

RYPEN 2018 Report

For many years the students of NCS have been able to participate in RYPEN. RYPEN is a Rotary Club sponsored activity aimed at 14-17 year old students who show some qualities of decency, courage, persistence, sincerity and application in everyday life which deserve further development. It is, generally, held twice a year at Old Mogo Town, Mogo. As a school community, we are very appreciative to Rotary for providing these opportunities which allow our students to develop their leadership skills. Two Year 9 NCS students participated in the recent May RYPEN event: Cassie Beavan and Leo McMillan. Below is a short report from Leo: "On the weekend of 18-20 May, I attended a self-enrichm

HSC Drama goes Belvoir in Bomaderry?

Belvoir Street Theatre HSC Regional Workshop On Thursday May 17, NCS HSC Drama students partnered with Nowra High School HSC Drama Students to participate in a Belvoir Street Theatre Regional HSC Workshop that targeted the core Group Performance module and the elective Individual Performance from the HSC Course Requirements. By combining with Nowra High School our students were able to interact with, share ideas and build relationships with their local peers studying the same course. The Group Performance workshop targeted the physicality required to create a ‘performance’ rather than a ‘play’, a concept that many of our students had been struggling to grasp. Belvoir St tutor and industr

Avondale College Visit

Recently Ursula Scale from Avondale Marketing visited NCS Year 10 and 12 students to discuss future career pathways, university options and college life. Year 10 students worked with Ursula in the Lib Lab using Career Match, an online career finder tool inspired by Herrmann’s Four Brain Quadrants theory. After completing the online quiz, students were then given a 10 page generated report that outlined their brain quadrant strengths and what careers and study pathways would be suited to their personality, way of learning and moral grounding. Following the Year 10 workshop, Ursula organised a Year 12 Pizza lunch where students could come and ‘chill’ with a slice of Pizza and ask questions abo

Instrumental Eisteddfod

Yesterday 24 students traveled to the Instrumental Eisteddfod to proudly represent Nowra Christian School. It was a great experience for our students, and we were privileged to listen to some very high quality performances from beyond the Shoalhaven region. Each section had many entries, and it reflects very well on our school to be closely placed behind large schools like TIGS.and The Southern Highlands. Our performance groups and results are as follows: Flute trio - 2nd Place (Sarah Kilby, Elysse Irwin, and Hannah Smith) Single Reeds and Cello - Highly Commended (Michael Beavan, Lincoln Davie, Jonathan Walsh) Trombone Duet - Highly Commended (Micah Edwards and Matt McLennan) Bye Bye Birdie

Twenty One 'Club' Salute!

Twenty-one students from Years 3-6 played golf at nearby Worrigee Golf Club, as the culmination of out Term One 'Sporting Schools' coaching clinics on Tuesday, 30 May. Rob and Luke, golf pros from the course and Golf NSW, hosted our boys and girls as they had a 'taste and see' morning on a championship golf course. After a quick tour and a refresher of the 'do's and don't's' of the game, we headed out to play a three hole 'ambrose' style tournament of our own, in groups of seven. It was a tight, hard fought game and eventual winners, Group 3, captained by Corinne C, won thanks to Taine H's last shot, on the final hole, a 2-3 metre putt, which he sank with aplomb! There was a mighty cheer and

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