To mark the tenth anniversary of the School's foundation, the Board established an encouragement award which is now known as the Nowra Christian School Encouragement Award (N.E.A.).

The N.E.A. aims to encourage students to grow in the areas of spiritual development, Christian service, academic, cultural, sporting and technical pursuits, through the provision of annual awards to eligible students.

Students nominated for N.E.A.s must evidence Christian character as well as ability and a desire to improve and develop in the area for which an award is sought. Over the past 5 years, the average award has included around $150.00 to help support the students in their endeavours.

N.E.A. nominations are usually open towards the end of each semester.

Examples of successful applications are listed below:


  • Music lessons
  • Soccer trip
  • Inline Hockey trip
  • Basketball Referee Development Camp
  • Teen Mission
  • Metronome
  • Enrichment studies weekend camp
  • New guitar and lessons
  • Christian Leadership Conference
  • Purchase drum kit
  • Purchase violin
  • Beach mission
  • Cricket trip
  • Overseas mission


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