Creative and Ministry Groups


Last reviewed 28/8/13

The mission of Nowra Christian School is to provide a Christian educational community as a centre of teaching and learning excellence, founded on Biblically based beliefs, values and behaviour.

In the context of forming, preparing and encouraging creative groups, we focus on the following aspects of our mission:

In Personal Christian Life:

  • To start and end with knowing God in all endeavours.
  • To nurture and encourage students into a reconciled relationship with God through Christ.

In the Process of Christian Education:

  • To help each child & young person address his or her God-given potential, by providing appropriate educational opportunities according to each one's abilities.

In Christian Community Life:

  • To nurture and train students to accept personal responsibility for themselves (self-discipline); to act within an ethos of service towards others; and to demonstrate an attitude of care for the environment.
  • To develop community life with the School.
  • To maintain and promote K-12 unity throughout the school.

In Striving for Excellence:

  • To encourage students to accept the Biblical principle of stewardship in relation to their gifts.
  • To encourage and train students in work habits which can produce outstanding results in all school programs - spiritual, academic, cultural, physical.

At Nowra Christian School, creative groups can be seen to come in 2 categories. The first category is a group that acts as a Christian ministry group, specifically for the purpose of corporate worship, pointing people to God, and similar purposes.
The second category is a creative group whose purpose is to entertain, communicate and enrich, without specifically having a God-ward central goal.

Membership of groups
No matter what category of group, students:

  • Are required to work and act as a co-operative part of the group
  • Are required  to ensure that group membership and involvement does not become an excuse for falling behind in school work
  • Need to be willing to take advice and work hard to improve their standards and the standards of others
  • Do not have to be the best at the activity to be a part of the group, but willing to learn and work selflessly in making the group perform at the highest possible level;
  • May form groups only under a staff member's supervision.
  • May form groups that have students from Primary & Secondary departments.

For groups that are part of the first category (i.e. groups whose purpose is to point people to Jesus) there are some two extra standards for membership.

  • Students are to show an understanding of the purpose of the group
  • Students are to demonstrate that they have at an age appropriate level, a real and growing relationship with God both within the context of the group and the wider school community.
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