The school follows curriculum guidelines as stipulated by the NSW Board of Studies. This means that our students are eligible for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) and to sit for the Higher School Certificate. Over the years, students from our school have performed significantly higher than the state average in key external assessments.

We recognise that a student's performance in a final exam is only one measure of a school. The performance of our students in the work place and at a tertiary level, plus the standard of work that is demonstrated by our students in cultural areas, also speaks highly of the school. Students from our Primary department, for example, always receive high praise at the Shoalhaven Eisteddfod, while the musical and artistic gifts of our Secondary students consistently draw admiration from others.

Our students also have the opportunity to benefit from the school's Physical Education and Sport and Recreation programs. Students are exposed to opportunities to develop skills in a variety of individual and team sports and recreational activities. Students are encouraged to use the skills that they are developing and use them on weekends by becoming involved in teams from their local community.

Students have the opportunity to explore how the Bible's teachings provide guidance for daily living. In Kinder to Year 8, students complete a Biblical Studies program, while in Years 9 and 10, students study Christian Principles and Relationships (CPR). Students who wish to delve deeper are able to study two subjects from Moore College's Preliminary Theological Certificate course in Years 9 and 10 instead of the CPR course.

Beyond the Curriculum

The students of Nowra Christian School have the opportunity to participate in an extensive range of extra-curricular activities including state-wide competitions in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing. Students are also encouraged to participate in events such as local chess competitions, Mock Trials, the Shoalhaven Eisteddfod, interschool athletics, swimming, cross country, soccer, netball, rugby and other team sports. The school is a member of the Christian Schools Sports Association and elite athletes are eligible to trial for Combined Independent Schools teams.

As well as in the academic, cultural and sporting arenas, our students have many opportunities to develop and use their gifts in serving others. The school has established an informal link with a local nursing home and students visit regularly, befriending some of the older folk in the local community. We also have links with a local state primary school, where our students provide assistance with a "breakfast club" for less fortunate students.

Our students also enjoy various opportunities to raise money for our Compassion child, who we support through the Compassion Orphan program. Fairs, walk-a-thons and concerts are examples of different fund raising methods that have been enjoyed by the students to care "our orphan".

Students also benefit from participating in Work Experience in Years 9 and 10. This gives our young people a wonderful opportunity to "taste" the world that lies beyond school, and assists them in clarifying their long term dreams and goals.

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